A Russian Souvenir Shop is pleased to offer fine hand-crafted traditional Russian gifts and souvenir items.
We feature hand painted Russian "matryoshka" nesting dolls and eggs, "Golden Khokhloma" and Lomonosov Porcelain tableware, lacquered jewelry boxes; along with many other fine examples of traditional Russian folk art from the regions around St. Petersburg, Moscow, Semenov, Nishniy Novgorod, Sergiev Posad, Nolinsk, and Maidan.
Russian Nesting Dolls

Golden Khokhloma

Souvenir Eggs & Nesting Eggs

Unpainted Nesting Dolls

Porcelain Dolls

Matryoshka Art Books

Nesting Dolls

The Russian "Matryoshka" or Nesting Doll has enjoyed international popularity for over a century.  Created by Russian toy makers in the 1890's near Sergiev Posad, one of the busier toy production centers in the country.  It was only natural that Sergeiv Posad quickly emerged as the first great center of nesting doll production in the early 1900s.  These classic style dolls have spread throughout the region with each area having its own variation.

Khokhloma Tableware & Lacquered Boxes

Golden Khokhloma painting on wood is a Russian folk art tradition.  It appeared in the Koverninsky region east of Moscow.  The name of the trade comes from the village Khokhloma.  In the early 18th to 20th centuries this village was a trade center of articles painted in the style of "Khokhloma" - characterized by an original technique of hand painting wood items such as tableware, vases, boxes and furniture in gold color, then red and black, often with various berries.

Souvenir Eggs & Nesting Eggs

Hand painted wooden souvenir eggs and eggs that can hold treats or stand alone as your holiday table centerpiece.  Nesting Eggs are a unique version of the Russian nesting dolls, and would be a well received gift for the matryoshka collector in any season. We also have Faberge style and icon eggs.

Unpainted Nesting Dolls & Eggs

Here is a unique craft idea:  Make a custom Christmas gift with Old World charm and a personal touch  --  create your own nesting doll! Draw, paint or woodburn - it's all up to you!  We offer top quality linden wood unpainted blank nesting dolls and eggs handcrafted in Polkhovski Maidan, the biggest center of nesting doll production in Russia.  The dolls are sanded so they are ready for you to paint.  Any type of paint will work.

Porcelain Dolls & Wall Masks

These beautiful handcrafted Russian porcelain dolls are dressed in traditional Russian costumes, representing numerous geographical regions, and many authentic reproductions of Russian garb, from peasant to royalty.  The costumes are handmade in Russia with hand-sewn fabric and intricate details.


We also offer a wide variety of hand painted and handmade Russian gifts including Russian Lomonosov Porcelain China, wood carvings, books, calendars, jewelry, shawls, and other Russian souvenirs.